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and they all fall down,
smack down in hell
info info info 
13th-Sep-2012 01:03 pm
mhm. :B stole this from sagiisa. wanna know more crap about me? follow the cut~

I go by Ichitan here, but generally everyone knows me as Ichigo. Uhm.. I'm not really good at intros and stuff like this, but I'll do my best with this. >^< I'm fourteen, male, and I was born on December 30th - my birthdate has never bothered me since winter is my favorite season and I love cold weather. Cold weather is just a free way to get snuggles and hot cocoa. :BB

I've been roleplaying about about.. two and a half years, going on three soon. I'm a Capricorn, so apparently this means I get sick a lot. Which is true. My theory is that I'm sick all year around, and it occasionally gets better or worse at certain times. >:T

I've always wanted to go to medical school, and I plan on being a nutritionist. I'm also annoyingly naive and oblivious, and I'm awesome. c: I'm.. gay/pansexual (i'll figure it out later >:c) and I have two boyfriends (can i get a whoop for polyamory?). One is Jack (Jazaty) who is an awesome italian orphan. he's totally gonna join the mafia. The other is Shamar (Sagiisa on LJ) who is really muscular and has terrorist!rage. :3

hobbies: making icons, writing short stories, learning about anything health related, singing, guitar, piano, drawing, astrology, learning about history.

career: everyone says i'm too young to be thinking about this, but nutritionist. c:

likes: rainbows, chocolate, caffeine, rice, my boyfriends, naps, tea, animanga, those awesome cooking shows, music, being mushy with my boyfriends :B, and lucky star.

dislikes: drama, idiots, being bipolar, lame commercials, lame parents, being bored, homophobes, bible thumpers (agnostic FTW), anything spicy, weaboos, liars, PMSing women. ;w;


msn: not telling. >:T had a stalker before. just message me for it, okies?
yahoo: ew.
aim: ew.
skype: ichi.kitty
community: iconfail

that's it. -runs off- ;w;
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